Fees 2022

Taster session Free
Beginners £25 for three lessons (refundable on joining)
Local £343 (£163 after 15th July); beginners see below
Far Country 1 £171
Far Country 2 £86
Student £69 (age 18-23 and in full time education)
Under 18 £34 (age 10-17)
Family £360
Non-playing £66
Green fee £10 per person per session (am, pm or evening)
Locker rent £10 per year
Gate & Club Keys £10 deposit
Lawn hire £80 per lawn per session for corporate/business
£60 per lawn per session for charities/individuals
Others as the committee agrees


Club Year: this starts on 1st February and continues to 31st January of  the following calendar year.

Travel distance: the shortest distance identified by the AA route planner between the member’s main residence and CCC.

Local: main residence at or within a travel distance of 25 miles from CCC.

Far Country 1: main residence over a travel distance of 25 miles from CCC.

Far Country 2: full member of another CA club & main residence over 25  miles from CCC.

Age: as at 1st February of the current year.

Family: 1 adult Full Playing Local member & up to 3 children under 17

Beginners: an applicant accepted by the committee as a beginner may either pay a 50% subscription for the current year to 31st January or pay the full  subscription to cover the current and the subsequent Club year.

Short Year: players (other than the Far Country 2 class) new to CCC applying for membership on or after 15th July pay 50% of the initial class  subscription for the first year; players new to CCC paying a full current subscription after 1st October qualify for membership to the end of the subsequent Club year.

Member’s Information

Cheltenham Croquet Club needs to hold information on members for administration and communication purposes. This is held securely on a commercial database hosted on the web and members have access to their record for verification purposes. The Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary, Tournament Secretary and Committee Chair have access to the details of all members. The Membership Secretary also processes the data locally, for example to create and publish telephone lists. The data held includes names, date of birth (if under 18), addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, croquet handicaps and other information such as communication preferences. We regularly circulate membership lists consisting of names, handicaps and telephone numbers to all members and display a list in the clubhouse. You may ask for your details to be withheld from any or all of these lists. By applying for membership you undertake to keep this information safely and use it only for croquet or club purposes.