Informal Play

Alongside tournaments and internal competitions, the Club provides a range of opportunities for members to play croquet informally. These are not only a means of improving croquet playing skills but also enable members to socialise whilst enjoying their shared love of the game.


GC roll ups, co-ordinated by Naomi Whitehead and her team, take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons except when large tournaments are being held. All participants should arrive by 12:50 when names are taken (for Covid track and trace purposes currently but also for CASC) and opponents/lawns assigned. Games may be single or double banked, depending on attendee numbers and lawn availability.

The first session starts promptly at 1pm and ends at 2:10pm when the ‘winners’ will move to another lawn and split up for the start of the second session at 2:15pm. ‘Losers’ stay where they are but they can also split up. The co-ordinator will try to fit in anyone arriving at 2:15pm.

At 3:15pm tea is served outside by a designated helper. At present only one person is allowed in the kitchen so there will be one tea-maker. Tea and wrapped biscuits or bars will be collected from the tea room verandah. Afterwards, the tea-maker will put all china into the dishwasher which will be emptied by the tea-maker at the following roll up afternoon.

Tea costs £1.00, payable to Naomi or the designated helper. If you would prefer not to handle cash please let Naomi know and then a set amount can be paid into the Club bank account.

The third session begins at 3:45pm. At this stage, the number of lawns may be reduced depending on how many members decide to stay on to play.

The ‘mixing in’ element of these GC roll ups is important in making all members (but especially those new to the Club) welcome and giving them a chance to enjoy playing, meeting new people and learning from them. So if you want to get to know others in the Club and enjoy playing golf croquet do come along to a roll up.

NB Days and times may differ in the summer and winter seasons.

Email Naomi Whitehead for further information.


Find Me A Game, devised by the Membership Secretary, Brian Gardner, randomly pairs participating members and suggests a croquet game format e.g. AC level advanced or one ball, which they might like to play. Opponents and game suggestions change weekly and players are entirely free to change what they play. This is an enjoyable, very light-hearted 'competition' that has proved to be extremely popular as it enables members to play other people they might never have come across in the Club before and encourages  sociability.

Email Brian Gardner for further information.

Other Social Activities at the Club

During the winter months there has been an enthusiastic Mahjong group meeting in the tearoom.

All throughout the year but mainly in the winter months a Table Tennis club is in action in the tearoom.