Club History

Cheltenham is one of the leading venues for croquet in the country. The History of the Cheltenham Croquet Club, written by David Magee, describes the club’s transition from an uncertain birth, through a troubled adolescence to a respected and internationally recognised maturity, echoing the change in the game from a frivolous social pastime to a world-wide competitive sport.

Like many minority sports, croquet has had to battle for publicity and sponsorship and Cheltenham Croquet Club has had to work hard to provide first class facilities, fit for international competition, on a slender income. That the Club has always succeeded is down to the hard work and generosity of its members and this book details many such contributions. Whilst celebrating its 150th anniversary, the Club is intent on looking forward and, strengthened by the trials and tribulations of the past, is working hard to broaden the sport's appeal and thereby the future of the game and the Club in Cheltenham. The book can be purchased, at a cost of £7.95 inclusive of UK postage, by emailing the Secretary.