Learn to Play

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Beginners are welcome to come along and have a go at croquet – free of charge.  This could either be at one of our Taster Days, or if these dates are not convenient to you we will do our best to arrange another date that suits you.  Take a look at the Club Calendar (see link above) or email the Secretary to find out the dates.  If you’d like to give croquet a try on one of these days, please email the Secretary.

If the taster goes well and a beginner decides to continue, then three structured lessons will be arranged at a cost of £30. These coached sessions will cover both Association and Golf croquet. Should anyone then progress to becoming a member, the £30 paid will be deducted from their membership fee and a further 3 lessons will be arranged to complete the usual beginners 6 sessions.

The Club also assigns new members with a mentor to help not only introduce them to the Club itself but also to assist in engaging with other members and all club activities.

The Club has many fully qualified graded coaches in both codes and a number of accredited club-level coaches.

Beginners are able to use club mallets for a period of time until they are ready to purchase one of their own.

There are weekly coaching sessions on a Tuesday morning in Association croquet for everyone – beginners (after initial lessons) and improvers for the first 2 hours then Advanced play for the last 2 hours. Notices are often posted at the Club (or on this website) for ad hoc coaching so keep your eyes peeled!

Please also see the coaching pages on this website for more details including contact information.