Association Croquet

All club members are very welcome to attend AC coaching on Tuesday mornings provided they have completed their initial set of 6 lessons. Where a newcomer is an existing player, they may simply come along and join the gang.

In the season (April though September) the start time is 9.30am.

No need to book – and there is no charge for these sessions.

The first half of each session is for beginners and improvers with the remainder covering everything for the Advanced player.

Very much back to basics and break play for beginners and improvers though all are welcome as the sessions are useful for everyone. If you do have a lower handicap, feel free to come along and be a Demo Volunteer or generally help whilst honing your skills.

As progress is made, higher handicaps will be invited to join the later session which covers openings and leaves plus triple peels and tactical play all of which will help with Advanced play.

Beginners and improvers will be given space to play conditional games or generally practise whilst the remainder of the session is completed – dependant on numbers of course.

Golf Croquet

Please do email any requests for coaching to Sarah Hayes who will allocate a suitable coach. Presently there are no regular GC coaching sessions.


AC roll-ups will start after the March AGM and be held on Tuesday afternoons and, hopefully, recommence on Saturday afternoons too. Sessions all year-round weather permitting.

GC roll-ups are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons during the season.

No need to book – just roll-up.

Qualified Coaches

AC Grade 3, gold level - triple peels etc.
Sarah Hayes

AC Grade 1, bronze level – 4 ball breaks and bisques
Ivor Brand
Peter Francis
Julia Lowery
Joe Manifold
Adam Moliver
Klim Seabright
Andy Smith
Alison Thursfield

GC Grade 2, silver level – positive handicaps
Andrew Cowing
Klim Seabright

Accredited Coaches

Accredited to coach only at clubs where they are a member. Pre bronze level so cover mainly single ball shots for high handicaps and beginners of both codes. The more experienced are able to present at bronze level.
Michael James
Julia Lowery
Joe Manifold
Peter Petrie
Jackie Raby
Nick Saxton
Klim Seabright
Peter Stone
Darryl Whitehead
Naomi Whitehead
Wendy Wu
Gerald Wynn

In preparation for writing a piece about a new experience, University of Gloucestershire journalism students visited Cheltenham Croquet Club to get their first taste of the game from our highly experienced and knowledgeable coaching team.