Coaching for beginners, improvers and beyond is always available. Please contact our lead coach, Adam Moliver, to arrange.

AC - Tuesday mornings, Sarah Hayes 9:30 (10:00 Oct-Mar) for AC IMPROVERS who have completed introductory lessons; 11:00 for more advanced AC players. Check with Sarah first.

GC - Andrew Cowing will arrange open sessions (pods) for lower handicaps.

Sessions for higher handicaps will be arranged according to demand.


  • AC social/roll-ups are on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
  • GC social/roll-ups are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Weather permitting, sessions are all year-round. No need to book, just turn up. Play is usually doubles and “off card”. Come along, it’s only a game!


AC   Grade 3   Gold - Triples

  • Sarah Hayes

AC   Grade 1   Bronze - Improvers/3 and 4 ball breaks

  • Ivor Brand (not currently available)
  • Peter Francis
  • Adam Moliver (lead coach)
  • Klim Seabright
  • Andy Smith
  • Darryl Whitehead

GC   Grade 2   Silver

  • Andrew Cowing
  • Klim Seabright

GC   Grade 1

  • Edwin Bone
  • Darryl Whitehead
  • Naomi Whitehead

Club coach

  • Peter Petrie
  • Nick Saxton (not currently available)
  • Peter Stone
  • Wendy Wu
  • Gerald Wynn

National Handicappers
: Sarah Hayes, Adam Moliver, Klim Seabright
Club Handicappers: Alwen Bowker, Sarah Hayes, Adam Moliver, Nick Saxton, Klim Seabright, Darryl Whitehead

National Handicappers
: Andrew Cowing, Klim Seabright
Club Handicappers: Alwen Bowker, Andrew Cowing, Adam Moliver, Klim Seabright, Darryl Whitehead, Naomi Whitehead

Good online resources include: (AC) (GC) (GC)

In preparation for writing a piece about a new experience, University of Gloucestershire journalism students visited Cheltenham Croquet Club to get their first taste of the game from our highly experienced and knowledgeable coaching team.