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Cheltenham Croquet  Club is one of the largest in the country  , we have 11 full size lawns and a small practice area. Our members are of all ages and both sexes, ranging from complete beginners to players of county and even international standard.


New members are welcome, and a free introductory coaching session is provided with further lessons available.  ( see Learn)


All variations of croquet - handicap, advanced, speed, golf and one ball - are played all year round. Lawns are available during the winter months for hardier members!  There are many Club competitions



The Club has hosted a number of major Championships - in 2005 the Club hosted the World Championships and in  2009 Cheltenham hosted the Mitsubishi Motors European Team Championship.


The national Croquet Association now has its headquarters in the Club grounds.


There are two mains forms of Croquet- both played on the same layout of lawn. The skills required for each overlap  and many people play both forms of the game.In Association Croquet  one player at a time  tries to make a "break"     ( as in snooker) using the balls as "stepping-stones" round the lawn . In Golf Croquet  the players follow a course  contesting each hoop in turn; as soon as one hoop is scored all players move on to contest the . Both forms of the game are played here


Spectators are always welcome and members are delighted to be asked to explain the game.

There are coaching opportunities throughout the  summer for beginners and more advanced players.

All that is needed is a pair of flat-soled shoes as the Club provides mallets and other equipment.

So come along and give these fascinating games a try.


 Are Lawns Open?

RIng 01242  512650 for message


ARE LAWNS OPEN  01242 512650

2015 Open days will be on Sunday March 29 and Saturday 25 April .

Contact the Secretary to book a time , or come along between 10-3.

March 7-8- course for prospective coaches Details on CA fixture list or SW Federation website


We need to rake the gravel on the Car Park back into  place. If you are free on Friday March 6 at 10.00 please come along with a rake ,or shovel  etc. - but do not park in the car park! Time and energy permitting we will then see if any  creeping foliage needs removing from around the huts – so bring pruners etc as well please.