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              Are our Lawns Open?

           Phone  01242 512650

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Cheltenham Croquet Club is one of the largest and oldest in Britain. We have 11 full size lawns and a practice area. Our members are of all ages and both sexes, ranging from complete beginners to players of county and international standard.


The Club has hosted a number of major Championships - in 2005 the Club hosted the World Championships and in  2009 Cheltenham hosted the Mitsubishi Motors European Team Championship.


The national Croquet Association has its headquarters in the Club grounds.


All variations of croquet - handicap, advanced, speed, golf and one ball - are played all year round. Lawns are available during the winter months for our hardier members!  There are many Club competitions held during the main season (April to September).


New members are very welcome. We organise free taster days throughout the summer. For a small fee a set of 3 introductory coaching sessions are provided for prospective members, with further free tutorials and coaching sessions available after joining the club (see LEARN).


We can also arrange corporate sessions for businesses and local groups. Please contact the Secretary.

Please note: that while the Croquet Association (CA) is in the Club grounds, the CA is a separate organisation. :

Cheltenham Croquet will be holding  a taster  day on April 7 from 10am-3pm


And to  celebrate National Croquet Day  a further day will be held   on  

Sunday May 12th


email : to book an hours slot  

Tuition and equipment provided  .Please wear flat-soled shoes and water proofs if a wet day