Our lawns are available to visiting members of other Clubs, subject to availability. A visitor lawn fee is charged (currently £7.00).


We also have Far Country membership for members of other clubs who want to play here more regularly, which may be more convenient and confers other membership benefits.


Although on many days there will be members around, we recommend that you call in advance to ensure that the club and lawns will be available at the times you intend to play. If it is your first visit we will arrange for someone to show you around. If you plan to play well into the evening, you must tell us in advance.


All players are asked to adhere to the Club Byelaws, which are set out in our local rules for play.


On the day, you can check before setting out if weather or other problems are affecting access to the lawns on a recorded message (see HOME page).


Corporate Sessions

We can also arrange corporate sessions for businesses and local groups. Please contact the Secretary.


Visitors to Cheltenham (see also 'LOCAL LINKS)

Cheltenham itself is a beautiful ‘spa’ town with a number of tourist attractions, festivals, sporting and other activities for players and non-croquet playing partners. There are places to stay at a wide range of prices and plenty of restaurants and bars in which to unwind after a hard day’s competition. Information is available from the local tourist office or