July Newsletter

100 Club

Where are all the supporters?
Despite the “front page” treatment given to the “100 Club” in the past two newsletters, there has been a very disappointingly low take-up. Only ten people had signed-up by the end of June. Because of this, no draw took place during the July committee meeting, and payments for June will be returned. This is despite the large number of people who showed support for the concept when it was put forward during the AGM. PLEASE give your support to this venture as it promises to provide a much-needed means for the club to build up its financial position
To remind you, the concept is for a number of members (there must be at least 20 for the scheme to be viable) to agree to pay a monthly sum of £5 into the club by standing order. The total paid into the club each month will be divided equally between prize money (the monthly prize pot) and club funds. There will be three prizes each month. The 1
st prize will be 60% of the monthly prize pot, 2nd prize will be 30% and 3rd prize 10%. The draw will take place during the committee meeting held the following month, or if no committee meeting that month (eg January) at some other significant event.
Standing Orders should be made payable to Cheltenham Croquet Club, sort code 40-17-53, account number 21367544. These can be arranged either on-line or at a branch of your bank using the above information.
Please make them payable on 21
st of the month. This will make it much easier for David to check who has taken part that month. However for this month only this will be relaxed to Wednesday 31st July – thereafter the 21st of the month please.
The reference MUST include your surname and “100” – beware that references are often limited in length!
Once you have set up your standing order for £5, you must advise the Treasurer David Magee by email
davidandeileen.magee@gmail.com (preferred) or telephone 01452 700353.

GC Internal Competitions

The Manager for all the internal GC competitions - level and handicap - will be Sarah Hayes with immediate effect.
Please ensure all queries are forwarded to Sarah on
If you know of players who are not on email please do let them know. Notices will be amended in due course.
Weekend Roll-Ups
Only one weekend remains for the Weekend Roll-Ups:
AC:- 14
th September, 1.30pm to 4.30pm.
GC:- 15
th September, 2.30pm to 4.30pm.
All members are welcome. If you would like to join in, please come along to play and enjoy tea. We look forward to seeing you.
Any queries, please phone Naomi (GC) 01242 227159 or Sarah (AC) 01452 418135.
Youth Taster Evening
A Taster Evening for youngsters was held on the evening of Wednesday 17th July. This had been arranged by Klim Seabright and Naomi Whitehead, and they were assisted by other coaches and adults.


There was a good turnout, despite the muggy and drizzly weather. An enthusiastic group of boys and girls aged  between 7 and 14  came along and were coached and instructed by a similarly enthusiastic group of adults. The youngsters enjoyed themselves and were keen to come again.
A number of tournaments have taken place recently, here are the results from some of them.

AC B Levels This event was won by our chairman Adam Moliver. He did this the tricky way by losing all block games, so really being at the sharp end of the knock out. Sarah Melvin won the consolation Hands Ladder.

Ray Meads played well throughout and was highly placed in the ladder.
Men’s & Women’s Mark Suter and Sarah Hayes won the mixed doubles.
GC C Level Ray Bassett won the GC C level event (for high handicaps) with Libby Stewart being runner-up and Naomi Whitehead placed third. Ray will now play in the C Level Final being held at Cheltenham in September.
Barlow & Longman Bowls Sarah Hayes and Wendy Wu have been selected by the CA Selection Team to play in The Barlow Bowl, this being for the top six of the Ladies Selection event. Penny Crowe and Julia Lowery were unlucky to have not made the second six, but they are named reserves for this - congratulations to all four Ladies.


The Club now has an internet connection which is freely available to all members. The network is PLUSNET-6XMR and the password is Cheltenham.

GC team players are reminded that it is essential to return their marbles to the pot after each game. This may seem altruistic, but it would appear that certain teams (not Cheltenham) have been thought to be guilty of this! Please ensure that you return your unused marbles.
Team Results

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 18.12.40
Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 18.12.55

Handicap Changes
A reminder that you are responsible for making changes to your handicap on the CA website. This is the source of information given to Managers of Tournaments and it is vital that it is up to date, particularly for class events. Simply log in to the site. Select Members Area/CA Directory/My details and Edit.
Changes to other information, such as address, can also be made in the same way.
ANY changes should be sent to Michael James, so that he can keep the club database (MemberMojo) up to date.

John Gilden
21 July 2019

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