June New Letter

100 Club

There has been a disappointingly low take-up for the 100 Club so far. Perhaps many of you thought it could be left until next month – well here we are! To remind you:-
The concept is for a number of members (there must be at least 20 for the scheme to be viable) to agree to pay a monthly sum of £5 into the club by standing order. The total paid into the club each month will be divided equally between prize money (the monthly prize pot) and club funds. There will be three prizes each month. The 1
st prize will be 60% of the monthly prize pot, 2nd prize will be 30% and 3rd prize 10%. The draw will take place during the committee meeting held the following month, or if no committee meeting that month (eg January) at some other significant event. To give you an idea of the prizes:

st Prize
nd Prize
rd Prize

No. of Participants


Provided there is sufficient take-up, the first draw will take place during the July meeting (planned for 4
th July), and will include all 100 Club Members who have paid into the 100 Club by no later than 21st June.
Standing Orders should be made payable to Cheltenham Croquet Club, sort code 40-17-53, account number 21367544. These can be arranged either on-line or at a branch of your bank using the above information.
Please make them payable on 21
st of the month. This will make it much easier for David to check who has taken part that month. The reference MUST include your surname and “100” – beware that references are often limited in length!
Once you have set up your standing order for £5, you must advise the Treasurer David Magee by email
davidandeileen.magee@gmail.com (preferred) or telephone 01452 700353.

Pegasus Life – Afternoon Tea & Scones!

The committee has agreed to include the following message in exchange for a significant donation to Club Funds.
Members and friends are invited to Afternoon Tea and scones in the restaurant as well as a tour of Pegasus Life's new One Bayshill Road over 60s development in Cheltenham on Thursday 1st August from 3pm to 5pm.
Please contact Rita or Kerry on 01242 292930 quoting 'Cheltenham Croquet Club' to RSVP. (NB Places limited to 20)

High Bisque AC Tournament – August 13th-14th

Handicaps 14-24
We already have a few entries from players from other Clubs – so sign up whilst there is still space for you! If you haven't risked a tournament before, then this is the way to start. There will be some coaching on day two for those really struggling.

9.30 start ,
two 18-point games per day.
£15 pay on the day Includes tea, but bring your own lunch
Entries to
admoliver@btinternet.com, or sign up at the Club notice board
Sunday Roll-Ups
Sunday Roll-Ups will take place on the following dates:
AC:- 22
nd June, 13th July, 20th July & 14th September.
GC:- 23
rd June, 14th July, 21st July & 15th September.
The allotted time is 2.30pm – 4.30pm, and lawns 9 & 10 have been assigned to these events. All members are welcome. If you would like to join in, please come along to play and enjoy tea. We look forward to seeing you.
Any queries, please phone Naomi 01242 227159 or John 01452 855140.

Any Old Mallets?
Do you have an old mallet that could be cut down for a child (or small adult) to use? We are trying to encourage a few older children to try the game and need a few suitable size mallets.
If so, let Adam Moliver or Naomi Whitehead know.

Margot Retires from the Kitchen

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 12.27.32

Another lovely lunch was provided by Margot for the GC Handicap match on Thursday 30th May. As usual, she was there at 8am making tea and starting her preparations for lunch. Tables were laid out decoratively and the meal was delicious as always. 
Sadly it was her last one, she is now hanging up her apron and retiring.
After lunch, a bouquet of flowers and a card were presented to her as a token of our appreciation and thanks for her selfless work providing these lunches and teas for our Golf Croquet teams and Guests over recent years.

The Club Clock
You will, I am sure, have noticed that the club clock has been restored to working order. Many thanks are due to Mike Russ, who has once again stepped in to effect the repair. Mike purchased and installed a new clock motion. Jim Blenkinsop assisted with the removal and replacement of the clock, whilst standing on a platform kindly loaned by John Wells. Another fine example of club members volunteering their services to the club.

Festival Week: Monday 22nd July to Saturday 27th July

Have you entered any event during the Members Only Club Festival Week? If not, why not? There are things to suit all tastes. AC or GC Doubles on the Monday and Tuesday, GC Singles on Wednesday and AC Singles on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The list of current entrants will be posted on the notice board outside the clubhouse shortly for checking, so if you want to add your name please do so and put the entry fee in an envelope for the Tournament Secretary via the office post box. Alternatively email Julia Lowery, julia@leckhampton.org and make payment as before. Doubles and GC Singles are £4 and AC Singles £5. No partner? No worry, still enter and the Manager will pair people up.
Tea Rota
There are many unfilled slots for tea duty from the start of Festival week (Monday 22nd July) onwards. If you are able and willing to help, please fill in the Tea Rota on the outside of the clubhouse, or let John Gilden know (john@gilden.co.uk or 01452 855140).

New Members
Klim Seabright has asked that we encourage new members to visit the club during tournaments so that they can sit on the bench outside the clubhouse and watch the experts at play. This can appear a bit daunting at first, but “courage mon brave!”, all of the people there will be very welcoming. Make sure you sit next to somebody who will explain what is going on in the game, I am sure you will easily find somebody who would be delighted to show off their expertise.
Klim has also pointed out that you can partake of lunch at the going rate, provided the Tournament Manager is advised of your intentions a few days beforehand, so that the caterer will know of the additional takers. You will have to pay, of course, but the prices are generally very reasonable. Tea and cake can also be purchased (again for a very reasonable price), and no advance warning should be necessary for this (unless large numbers appear).
A lawn is usually made available, on a roll-up basis, so you can also join in with this.

Handicap Changes
A reminder that you are responsible for making changes to your handicap on the CA website. This is the source of information given to Managers of Tournaments and it is vital that it is up to date, particularly for class events. Simply log in to the site. Select Members Area/CA Directory/My details and Edit.
Changes to other information, such as address, can also be made in the same way.
Michael James also needs to be made aware so that he can update the club database, MemberMojo.

Rubbish – and How to Dispose of it

What happens to the stuff we throw into the bins at the Club?
1 Wendy Wu has taken over from Russell the task of going round the huts and emptying the bins, so thank you to Wendy.
2 All the black rubbish bags, including those from the kitchen, including left over food, have to go into orange bags in the bins between the Club house and the Tea Room. These bags are put out by 7.00am (!!) on the right day to be taken away by the Council.
Food left in the bins soon begins to smell, so all waste food, including tea bags, should now go into the small green food caddy which has a compostable liner (liners are kept under the sink). Please do not leave any food behind, take the liner home with you to dispose of in your own food waste bin. If you notice the liner needs to be changed please will you do it so that the kitchen is kept in good order.
We pay £1.40 per orange bag so it is important to make sure that we fill (and tie) the bags, and that we recycle what we can -and keep the rubbish to a minimum – could you take your items home?
Please compress the left-over rubbish, e.g. please do not put the tops onto plastic bottles as it makes them unsquashable. Better still, recycle them. Anything not in an orange bag will not be taken away.
3 Carol deals with the items from the Bar – thank you to Carol.
We are looking at alternative arrangements for food waste – but this will not be collected by the Council.

Team Results
The results for the various CCC teams since the May Newsletter are as follows:-
The AC Cheltenham ‘A’ team in the Parkstone Trophy has played two matches this month. They played Nailsea & District ‘A’ on 11
th May, losing 3-4, and East Dorset on 1st June, unfortunately another loss 5-1.
The AC Cheltenham 'B' Team in Parkstone Division 3 has also played two further matches, winning 6-1 away against Nailsea & District ‘C’ on 26
th May, but losing 3-4 at home to Bristol ‘B’ on 3rd June.
In the AC Intermediate League (North) Cheltenham played Bristol on 16
th May, unfortunately losing 3 – 4.
In the GC Level Play (North) match against Camerton & Peasedown on 5
th June, Cheltenham won 13 – 7.
In the GC Handicap League (NW) Cheltenham played Dyffryn on 22
nd May, winning 12½ - 7½ and on 30th May they won against Weston Super Mare 12 - 8.
The GC High Handicap (North) team played Broadwas on 9
th May, winning 11½ - 8½. The team also played Swindon on 14th May, but lost 13½ - 6½. Finally, they played Kington Langley on 8th June, drawing 10-10.
Rules and Bye-Laws
The Club Rules have been updated following the changes agreed at the AGM. A copy has been placed on the notice board, and the version on the club website has been amended.
The Club Bye-Laws have also been amended to reflect changes in the Rules and to remove minor inconsistencies. A new bye-law restricting TV watching at the club has been added, as described in the May newsletter. A copy of the revised bye-laws has been placed on the notice board and can also be found on the club website.
Taster Evening for Young Persons
On Wednesday July 17th from 6.00pm to 7.45pm we are holding a Taster Evening for young people. Why don’t you bring your children/grandchildren to have a fun filled evening?
Please contact Naomi Whitehead on 01242 227519 for more details.
Lawn Availability 12th June to 16th June
There is a large Tournament taking place from 12th to 16th June, run by the CA (“Men’s and Women’s”). There will be three lawns available on a roll-up basis, and maybe five.

John Gilden
12 June 2019

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