We have  changed our mowing contractor , Simon Pearce will now be doing the lawns and surrounds

He has experience on golf courses  but will take a little to time to learn our funny ways


Footwear  A reminder that flat-soled shoes must be worn when playing  .Even in winter please keep to shoes or boots that have only a shallow tread  .Soft wet lawns are easily dented and scuffed.


The lawns will be closed  for a week ( weather permitting) from Mon 5 March   ,for spring work to be done .Lines and hoops will then be done for the season with a view  full size lawns being available after the AGM


GC  referees Course   We do not have many GC referees – how about you? May 16-17  £25 to members  .info/  apply to Kevin Ham


Tea Rota  . It is  good to see people are starting to put their names down  ,please fill in the gaps . Could anyone do tea ( no cakes required) after the AGM please?


Future events ;    Wed April18 afternoon  we will have a visit from a local Probus group    I shall be asking for helpers for that .

                             Wed  30 May  we will be visited by a group of about twenty  from an Australian  club – they will be with us all day  . Nearer the time I shall be asking for  members to play them  - this is likely to be GC doubles .


The BBC has invited croquet to be demonstrated again at Blenheim Countryfile Show from  2nd to 4th August. Thanks to the 5 people who have so far agreed to help out, but we could do with a few more. 

You are entitled to bring a guest free of charge (saving around £30) and will be given plenty of time to look around the fair (and will be given a complementary sandwich and drink). 

It you can help please let Klim know on


Mention of the BBC  highlights that we do not have  a PR/media /advertising lead. Would you take this on-  write to the papers, local radio etc to promote taster days etc.


Handicap conference/workshop  - SW Federation  -

These are designed to develop the understanding and application of good handicapping principles in both AC and GC and we hope that every club in the SW will participate in these.

This will help develop consistency across the region and as stated at the AGM,

There is no restriction on attendance, all are welcome but we would particularly like to see existing Club Handicappers, Potential Club Handicappers( coaches/mentors) and League Captains.

We hope that clubs will send more than one delegate because part of the day will be divided into AC and GC groups.  Although many clubs have just one handicapper for both games, we cannot over-emphasise the importance of having someone in every club who is familiar with each game to understand how handicapping skills relate to both codes.


Sunday 11th March 2018 at Cheltenham Croquet Club

There are no fees to attend these workshops.

If you have any further queries please contact

Robert  Linda Shaw