If you see there are worm casts on the lawns please use one of the switches to clear them before play. Just treading them into the lawn is not good for the grass

Often Dan will have done this before play starts, but he is not in every day,


These are kept in the Gents Changing Rooms and in huts 2/3 and 6/7


We have been giving lessons to a few new members, I am sure you will welcome them and help if they seem bewildered by our funny ways.




Please remember to sign in on the attendance record sheet every time you play or perform some service at the Club to ensure that we meet the requirements of being a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).



One Ball Events:

The one ball event has proved popular. Michael James will be organising more of these monthly on Sundays - next on June 11.  Proposed future dates are: -


9 July;   20 August;   3 September;   8 October.


Please email Michael ( ) and/or add your name to the notices which will go up for each session.


New Sunshades:

Near to Huts 4 and 5 there are new tubes sunk into concrete. These take a scaffolding pole, which in turn takes new sunshade parasols (all in the 2 central huts). Please put them back in the huts after use.


New and not so new Members:

Everyone who joined this year or last year (especially beginners to the game) is invited to come along on TUESDAY 25 July 3.00-6.30pm for a bit of croquet and tea (or something stronger).  If you are still struggling to get to know us, please come and join in.


Fund Raising:

Apart from membership fees we are very reliant on raising money from corporate events, and other sources such as the plant sale and teas. (lunches are no longer much of  a source since we have had to use a caterer).  The future of these depends on YOU. We will only run a plant sale in May if we can be sure that there will be enough stock. Will you be able to supply anything?


Thanks to all those who help at corporate events.