Lawn Management News

Our new Lawns Manager, Robin Hayes, has undertaken a significant number of tasks recently to improve the lawns. This includes purchasing two additional switches to be used for clearing the lawns of worm-casts. The switches MUST be used before play begins in order to remove any worm casts, thereby preventing damage to the lawns.


As well as one in the changing rooms there are now switches housed in each of the 2 central huts.


For dew the large brush   may be used

Clearing Worm Casts and Dew before play begins.



There are several factors to be taken into account in working out the arrangements for winter play – necessary recovery time for lawns after heavy main season usage; avoidance of damage caused by excessive player footfall especially around hoops; or when the ground is waterlogged or frosted; and, of course, members’ desire for reasonable lawn availability.


Last year’s experiment with half size lawns is not being repeated, and lawns will be only a little under full size.  Even so, there remains a concern about the damage caused when the ground is softer if too many players are on the lawn and often in close proximity throughout playing sessions.   For this reason, golf croquet games are restricted to only 4 players at a time.  2 AC doubles games may take place on the same lawn on the basis that only 2 players (one from each game) are on the lawn at any one time.


The plan is to have 4 lawns available for general play throughout the winter period, though weather conditions may dictate temporary closure of some or all lawns - as far as possible a message to this effect will be put on the club answerphone.  In addition, during the period up to Christmas, lawns 1 and 8 will be available only for playing AC games in the first (block) round of the Blumer Cup competition.


All 4 general play lawns will be allocated to Social Golf play on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, as will 2 of the 4 on Friday afternoons, with sessions beginning at 1.00 pm.  2 lawns will be allocated to AC rollup on Tuesday afternoons.  These should all appear blocked out on the booking sheets.


On Fridays GC players may use the remaining 2 lawns if they are unoccupied by AC players but MUST relinquish them if AC players arrive during the course of the afternoon whether or not they have pre-booked those lawns.


We all have a responsibility for taking special care not to cause any damage to lawns by allowing mallets to dig into the ground.


No jump shots are permitted, and AC players should consider not venturing shots which carry an obvious risk of causing damage.


Play is not permitted on a lawn where Hoop 1 has been removed and laid flat. The lawn may be brought back into use for a subsequent session only if it is judged to be clearly dried out/undamaged/unfrosted, preferably by a Committee member.


These arrangements require all of us to show a measure of flexibility in our expectations as well, of course, as due courtesy to other members and especially those responsible for the lawns.


Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and to everyone’s benefit.