There are two mains forms of Croquet - played on the same layout of lawn. The skills required for each overlap and most people play both forms of the game
In Association Croquet* one player at a time  tries to make a "break" ( as in snooker) using the balls as "stepping-stones" round the lawn. 
In Golf Croquet the players follow a course contesting each hoop in turn; as soon as one hoop is scored all players move on to contest the next hoop. Both forms of the game are played here

*Plus a mini variation of Association Croquet s 'One Ball'

Spectators are always welcome and members are delighted to be asked to explain the game.
There are coaching opportunities throughout the  summer for beginners and for more advanced players.
All that is needed is a pair of flat-soled shoes, as the Club provides mallets and other equipment.
So come along and give these fascinating games a try.

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