JAN              1Mon        New Year’s Day One Ball AC & GC (CCC) –  Manager:  those who attend

FEB              1Thu         Social Lunch


MARCH       10  Sat        Annual Spring Clean Volunteer Working Party, 9.30am – Manager:  Russell Barter

                     17 Sat        Annual General Meeting - 2.30pm (CCC)

                    30-31Fri - Sat   AC Easter Advanced Tournament 6- (CA) – Manager:  Mark Suter


APRIL          1-2 Sun - Mon AC Easter Handicap Tournament 20- (CA) – Manager:  Penny Crowe

                     8  Sun             Taster Day – Manager Adam Moliver

                     13Fr                GC Handicap Barter Trophy (CCC) - Handicap in two classes – Manager:  Russell Barter

                     14-15              Sat - SunGC Level Handicap Barter Cup A Level Series (CA) – Manager:  Kevin Ham

                     22 Sun             Charity Handicap One-Ball Tournament – Manager:  Michael James

                     28-29 Sat - Sun   CA Ladies vs. Glamorgan (CA)


   MAY           5-7Sat - Mon    AC The Coles Championship (CA) – Manager:  David Magee

                      13Sun        Taster Day – Manager Adam Moliver

                      19-20       Sat - SunAC May Advanced Bernard Neal Chalice (CA) – Manager:  Dave Foulser

                      27Sun          Members Day/Friendly Handicap One-Ball Tournament (CCC) – Manager:  Michael James

                      30Thu      Australian Club Tour – Hyde Park Croquet Club, Adelaide


 JUNE             2-3Sat -            SunGC Ascot Cup Qualifier (CA) – Manager:  Kevin Ham

                       8-10Fri - Sun AC  Class Singles Banded On Handicap 20- (CA) – Managers:  John Wells/Sarah Hayes

                       18-20Mon - WedCroquet/Bridge Tournament (CCC) – Managers:  Penny Crowe & Michael James

                       24SunFriendly Handicap One-Ball Tournament (CCC) – Manager:  Michael James

                       29 -30Fri-SatWelsh Championships – Manager:  Chris Williams


  JULY           1   SunWelsh championships – Manager:  Chris Williams

                     7-15 9 Days AC The Open Championships (CA/®) – Manager:  CA

                     19ThursdayWomens Institute

                     23-28Mon - Sat Club Festival Week (CCC) – Managers:  Sarah Hayes, Kevin Ham, Michael James & Mark Suter


AUGUST      3-5 Fri - SunAC Handicap Doubles – Barwell Salvers (CCC) – Manager:  Dave Foulser

                    11-12Sat - SunAC CA Selection: The Ladies Sixes (CA) Barlow and Longman Bowls

                    13-14Mon-TuesHigh Bisquers Tournament – Manager:  Adam Moliver

                    16ThursdayWomens Institute

                    19SunMembers Day/Friendly Handicap One-Ball Tournament (CCC) – Manager:  Michael James

                     25-27Sat - MonAC August Bank Holiday Advanced Tournament 12- (CA) JDyerSaraHayes


SEPTEMBER  2SunFriendly Handicap One-Ball Tournament (CCC) – Manager:  Michael James

                        6-10Thu - Mon AC Spencer Ell (CA) – Manager:  CA

                       15-16Sat - Sun  AC B Levels (CA) – Manager:  Jay Dyer

                       18-20Tue - Thu AC September Handicap Singles - Secretary’s Spoon 20- CCC – Manager:  Martin Kolbuszewski

                        30Sun Club Finals Day (CCC) – Manager:  Dave Foulser

OCTOBER     5-  7Fri - SunAC October Handicap Tournament 20- Daniels Cup (CA) – Manager:  Sarah Hayes


NOVEMBER 8Thurs Social Lunch 12.30 (CCC)

DECEMBER6Thurs Social Lunch 12.30 (CCC)

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