club Competitions - 

We also enter Club teams in inter-club events   Home and Away for AC and GC at all handicap levels   --


Please sign up   -

- There are many competitions for members that run through the season

Sign up at the beginning of the year by the AGM , look out for the fixture lists and play by the date required

They may   be   two-life  knock-out Draw  and Process,  or block play


Also look out for The Club Trophy events in July Festival Week  -- singles and doubles held over a few days in July.

Entries close shortly before the event.



A,B.C  Class    advanced play according to handicap

D class -                     22 point   handicap

You may enter class for your handicap and the next  level up.


Rabbits   -  for high handicappers not playing in other events  - usually  , but not  only  beginners


McKay -     full bisques   ,26 point


Club Handicap Challenge --   Conventional handicap format


Curtis-Webb     handicap doubles


Sturdy Seniors


Blumer  14 point winter competition




Level play  -  in handicap range


Handicap  event  


Rabbits  - for high handicappers /beginners


Grass Roots/ -- early round of national competition  best of 13 point handicap IF sufficient demand