Club Competitions 

We also enter Club teams in inter-club events home and away for AC and GC at all handicap levels. Please sign up to play.

There are many competitions for members that run through the season. They may be two-life, knock-out, draw and process, or block play. Remember to sign up at the beginning of the year by the AGM, look out for the fixture lists and play by the date required


Also look out for The Club Trophy events in July Festival Week  -- singles and doubles held over a few days in July.

Entries close shortly before the event.


Association Croquet


A, B, C class - advanced play according to handicap

D class - 22 point handicap

You may enter class for your handicap and the next  level up.


Rabbits   -  for high handicappers not playing in other events  - usually, but not  only beginners.


McKay - full bisques - 26 point.


Club Handicap Challenge  -  Conventional handicap format


Curtis-Webb  -  handicap doubles


Sturdy Seniors


Blumer 14 point winter competition



Golf Croquet


Level play  -  in handicap range


Handicap  events  


Rabbits  -  for high handicappers /beginners


Grass Roots/ -- early round of national competition  best of 13 point handicap IF sufficient demand