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1.  LOCKING THE CLUB.  The last Member to leave the Club at any time shall be responsible for closing and locking all windows, doors and the outside gate.  For this purpose and so that they may obtain access, Members are expected to purchase keys to the Gate and the Clubhouse from the Secretary.


2.FOOTWEAR.  No one shall walk on the lawns unless wearing flat-soled shoes.


3.START TIMES.  Play may not begin before 9.30am in summer and 10.00am in winter except during tournaments or as otherwise announced by the Committee.  


4.  RISK OF DAMAGE TO LAWNS.   A Committee member or the groundsman as authorised by the Committee may delay the start of play or close lawns altogether in frosty or other extreme weather conditions.  When lawns are taken out due to heavy rain or frost Hoop 1 will be removed and laid flat (as when lawn maintenance is being carried out) to indicate that that play is not permitted on any part of that lawn.  Jump shots are not permitted on any of the lawns during the winter period.


5.FRONT LAWNS.  Lawns 1 and 8 must not be used for friendly games or practice. They can however be booked and used for Club Competition matches.


6.RESERVING A LAWN.  Lawns may be reserved for either Club Competition or friendly games by entering the fixture on the Booking Sheets held in the Clubhouse.  Members should be prepared to accept double-banking even when playing Club Competition games.  If a Member arrives to play on a lawn which is still occupied by an earlier booking, they should either: i) double-bank on that same lawn; ii) seek an alternative free lawn or other double-banking opportunity, or iii) wait until their booked lawn becomes free.  However, those playing on a lawn which they have not booked for themselves prior to the start of that playing session must vacate it at the given time, if required.


7.COMMITTEE LAWN RESERVATIONS.  The Committee may reserve lawns for tournaments, social golf, Club sessions and corporate events, for example.  During tournaments, whenever possible one lawn will be left free for Club Member use on a roll-up (i.e. non-bookable) basis.


8.YOUNG MEMBERS & CHILDREN.  Members under the age of 18 may not introduce a visitor to the Club without the prior approval of a committee member, and may not have access to the Club buildings after 6pm unless an older Member is present.  Members up to the age of 15 must be supervised at all times by an adult Member unless given specific exemption by the Committee, as must non-members in the same age range who are guests of Members under Bye-law 9 (Visitors).  Young children up to the age of 10 who are not Members shall only be allowed on any lawn at the discretion of a committee member.


9.VISITORS.  Players from other croquet clubs and guests of Club Members are very welcome to play at the Club on payment of the Green Fee. However, such visitors shall normally be limited to 6 sessions of play during any one calendar year.  Green Fees are not required for play in a tournament, an inter-club match, or other event when arrangements have been made for the hire of lawns, nor for practice sessions on the day preceding a tournament.  Any Club Member who happens to be present at the Club should be responsible for collection of green fees and for entering details in the Green Fee Book.


10.NEW PLAYERS.  Members may introduce and instruct non-players who may be interested in the game on up to 3 occasions without charge.  Thereafter they may pay the green fee as in bye-law 9, or together with other new or potential players, they may attend a Coaching Course for Beginners on payment of the course fee.


11.  SMOKING.  Smoking including of E-cigarettes is not permitted in the Clubhouse or the Tea Room (including the verandas of both), or in the area in front of both buildings along the entire boundary of Lawn 8 and extending across the central pathway to the  adjacent corner (Corner 1) of Lawn 9 and the near corner of the CA building. Nor is it permitted in the viewing pavilions, lawn huts, or on any of the individual croquet courts (defined as the close-cut playing surface area).  Smokers are expected to act considerately towards others and to ensure that no one is subjected to or discomfited by their smoke in any way, refraining or moving if wind is carrying smoke into the areas previously defined.


12.ANIMALS.  It is preferable that dogs or other pets are not brought to the Club and in any event must not be taken into the clubhouse, Tea Room, pavilions or huts.  Dogs brought to the Club must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be allowed to interfere with any player or cause any disturbance within the Club grounds.  Any fouling must be removed immediately and taken home or placed in the refuse skip behind the buildings.


13.MOBILE PHONES.  Mobile phones must be switched off when within earshot of the lawns.


14.THE BAR & INTOXICATING LIQUOR.  The purchase of alcoholic drinks is forbidden outside the hours stipulated by the notices on the bar, and must not be taken on credit.  Members or other persons under the age of 18 must not be served alcoholic beverages.  A newly appointed Member may not purchase alcoholic drink until he/she has been a Member for more than two days.  Bar cards may be used by Members only if supported by cheques or cash in advance.


The current rates for all the fees and charges set by the Committee are shown on a separate sheet (under FEES) .



Cheltenham croquet Club Bye Laws  2017