Privacy Policy

Cheltenham Croquet Club takes our members/visitors data seriously and will only use your personal information for club administration purposes and for communicating with you about your membership and Club business.

Only the Membership Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary, Tournament Secretary (for entrants to Competitions) and Committee Chair will have direct access your details. The data we will hold will be name, address, phone numbers, email address, Croquet handicap, date of birth, if under 18, and other Croquet information relating to individuals.

We shall circulate a membership list consisting of names, handicaps, and telephone numbers available to all members. You may ask for your details to be withheld,
 but it will then be your sole responsibility to arrange any games you are due to play.

A list of phone numbers will be kept in the Club House – you may ask for your name to be removed from the list displayed in the Club House – but other members may be unable to contact you.
A list of email addresses will also be made available to other Members if you agree to appearing on it.
These lists must be kept safely by you and only used for Club/Croquet purposes.
Visitors data will be used only for Tournament, coaching and coroprate entertainment purposes.