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Beginners can have a  free try at Croquet at one our Taster Days .  (Contact the Secretary
We can arrange sessions at other time in the year --just ask.
Three structured lessons  can be arranged for £25  .
If you then join further lesson will be arranged. This will cover Association and Golf Croquet.

We also try to assign "mentors" to new members to help introduce them to the Club.
We have a number of nationally accredited coaches and Club coaches.

You can use one of the many club mallets until you are ready to buy your own.
There is also coaching for Improvers ,and sessions on Advanced play are arranged from time to time.See notices at the Club and here

It’s really pool and snooker played on a lawn
This is a sport for eccentrics
I’ve seen grown men break down in tears at this game
Just winning one game
You don’t get cocky when you win and you don’t get dejected when you lose
Sometimes I crash out magnificently
Sometimes I might get a cup if I’m lucky, but I don’t mind, it’s just something I do for enjoyment, it’s a bit of fun
It’s good to look round at the boards and see all these people and my name appears once or twice
I find when I’m a croquet lawn that everything else is excluded from daily life.
And when something unexpected is about to happen, it all goes quiet and that’s when you know you’re about to do something interesting and you get really nervous and it’s like, is this going to work or not
It’s only when you go to a club and you see some proper lawns properly prepared that you realise how satisfying the game can be
I became involved in croquet in the first place because I retired from cricket and was looking for an alternative sport
If I wanted a knock around in a garden, I’d have to get a bigger garden, but it wouldn’t satisfy me at all, no
I do it for the fun and the beer and the occasional victory
What’s not to like and I’m reasonably good at it aswell
What a fabulous game it can be